Joining EY

Ines Cabral, Portugal

Senior Manager, Tax, EMEIA Financial Services


What is it like when you start your new career at EY? Ines joined EY Financial Services earlier this year and we sat down with her to see why she chose EY and how she’s finding everything so far.


What is your role here at EY? How long have you been with EY?
I joined in January this year and I work as a senior manager in the Financial Services Tax team.


So far, what has been your overall impression of EY?
It’s been very good so far. It was really easy to come into the role and fit in. After a few weeks, it already felt like I had been here for ages. People are so friendly and the way the team is being managed clearly gives you the opportunity to get involved in the decisions and in the discussions.


What made you choose EY as an employer?
I chose EY because it was one of the Big Four pursuing innovative ideas in the market. Over the past few years, EY has started to increase its presence in the marketplace in Lisbon and the vision that EY has, being an organization that allows you to develop your skills, was very attractive to me.


What are some challenges that you’ve come across since you started?
You are totally new. When you move roles, you need to show your team that you can do the work at a really high standard. However, whilst you are doing this, you are also learning how to do everything from scratch. You want to show your value to the team and organization as a whole, and you want to show them that they made the right decision in hiring you. 


Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

I really do hope to be here at EY. Hopefully, I have progressed in my career. I hope that I have been able to prove my value to the team and help them to develop and even allow myself to develop.


What advice do you have for any new joiners? What do you wish you had known before joining EY?

I only wish that I came here earlier. My advice for the new joiners is to really just give all that you can. You have a lot to learn, but give do your best to try and make a really good impression on your team. At EY, you will be able to grow a lot. The networks are fantastic so make sure you use them. You have a lot of materials at your reach, and you have a lot of opportunity to study and learn as much as you can whilst you experience working at EY.