Exceeding expectations

Queralt Vila, UK

Senior Manager, Markets & Business Development, EMEIA Financial Services


Since joining EY last year, Queralt’s experience at EY has exceeded her expectations. We sat down with Queralt to find out why she loves working at EY.


What is your role here at EY? How long have you been with EY?
I have been at EY since the beginning of November 2016. I am part of the Insurance sector teams. I am a senior manager in the General Insurance (GI) team.


What experience, skills and background do you bring into your role?
I think that my 10 years in industry, in a variety of roles, has given me a very practical approach to consulting, because in the industry you face the reality of day-to-day operations where you need to make decisions with limited information that has wider-reaching consequences for the company; essentially it’s about getting things done in a tactical vs. strategic balancing act. Therefore, you need to action the insights that come from external consultants. So now being on the other side, the consulting side, I need to think of my advice to clients and consider whether it is useful and makes sense from a practical point of view, beyond the intellectual theory on the slide deck.


What made you choose EY as an employer?
At first, I worked with EY in a project in Aspen when I was looking after their insurance strategic projects. I really got along well with the EY team and when I was looking for the next move, a position became available in the sector team and they encouraged me to apply. From there, I was simply very impressed by the recruitment process. They were fast, transparent, and very nice. There were no surprises when I started. The people I have met so far are high-calibre individuals, who stimulate my intelligence and curiosity. The fact that EY offers you many opportunities to work with some of the leading insurance companies in the UK market is something that only EY has offered me from the start.


What are some challenges that you’ve come across since you started?
I think everybody was very helpful and very welcoming, but everybody was very busy as well. I had quite a lot of support from my network and colleagues with regards to the operational side of things. However, perhaps given the nature of my role, I could’ve benefited with a bit more coaching or buddying from someone, who went through the same experience of successfully transitioning from industry to consulting.


So far, what has been your overall impression of EY?
I am very pleased I made the move and joined the firm. I didn’t come with preconceived ideas on what it meant to join a Big 4 and I was rather excited about the challenge of a new job. However so far the experience has exceeded my expectations, especially in terms of the strong teams I joined, the calibre of the people, the variety of the engagements and the work flexibility


Where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

Hopefully I will be still working at EY.  In five years, I see no reason why I shouldn’t be progressing further in my career and who knows maybe even thinking of becoming a partner. I really hope this is the beginning of a long career at EY.


What advice do you have for anyone applying for EY?

Firstly, don’t be nervous and don’t be afraid. Everyone is so kind and supportive. The myth of the cold and careless consultant definitely does not apply at EY. Secondly, you need to be yourself and play to your strengths. Finally and most importantly, you need to be motivated and independent. Don’t wait at your desk hoping for things to fall on your lap. Take the initiative to make things happen and get some projects started. If you reach out to people, everyone is positive and supportive, they’ll help you get used to your new life at EY and grow in your role.