Shahzeb Memon, an audit manager from our Bristol office, sat down with us to talk about what he does at EY and what it’s like to work in his office.

What did you study at university?

At university, I studied chartered accountancy which then led to me joining EY in 2008.

Why did you choose to join EY?

I chose to join EY because of their global identity and their diversity and inclusiveness vision. Working at EY has helped me to live a healthier and balanced life. Flexible working hours and working from home allows me to manage my professional and social lives.

Describe the world of financial services right now.

The world of financial services is changing. FinTech is shaking up the market and Blockchain technology has shown itself to have a great number of potential uses in our industry. EY has leading class experience when it comes to helping clients to implement digital solutions across the globe. We also have leading professionals providing innovative services to our clients in the FinTech space. There has been a remarkable amount of change in Financial Services in Bristol as it has continued to grow. I am excited to be a part of this journey.

What three qualities would make you hire someone instantly?

Three qualities that would make me hire someone instantly would be their leadership ability, integrity and competence. An individual’s willingness and the desire to accept responsibility for results reflects ones’ leadership ability. Your integrity begins by being true to yourself. Be honest with yourself and in your relationship with other. Your ability to be able to work well with others is very important and is the foundation of everything you do and your progression at EY.