Life at EY Bristol

Danielle Dottin, UK

Manager, Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS), Financial Services

Danielle Dottin, a manager in our Bristol office, sat down with us to talk about what she does at EY and what it’s like to work in her office.


What inspires you?

There’s nothing more inspiring to me than seeing women in power- female leaders taking up Partner and C-Suite positions. I hope I can make an impact like that one day!

What’s the most exciting thing happening at EY right now?

It’s all about digital trends! It’s a hot topic on every CFO’s agenda –including EY! The future is digital and EY is definitely investing in its people to ensure that we are equipped with the right tools to update our skills to respond to this.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve been given at EY?

The best advice I received at EY is that it’s okay to be yourself- but learn to be flexible and adapt to different situations! That advice definitely changed the way I viewed myself and my approach to daily interactions with people.

What advice would you give to people who are leaving school or university, and are looking for their next steps?

Firstly, your school days are your best days- enjoy it! But be smart about your future! Time waits on no one- decide early on your career path and seek to get the relevant work experience to support the study path which you have chosen!

What are the two most important skills for the world of work in your opinion?

  1. Leadership Skills-The work world needs more leaders- better yet female leaders! For some, this is a naturally acquired skill- and for some like myself- you have to develop and craft this skill.
  2. Communication- As with any other field- verbal and written communication skills are critical.

What’s your next step within EY?

For now I am focussing on just building my credentials in the banking space and working my way up the corporate ladder. I have recently developed an interest in regulation, stemming from my current project on ring fencing. Regulatory reform is impacting financial services significantly and so it’s definitely an area that I am open to further pursuing in my next steps within EY. The best thing about EY is that there is a wide range of opportunities available and so it’s important for me at this stage, to remain flexible and open minded when it comes to the experiences that can shape my career.