A successful Swedish secondment

Eloise shares her secondment experience, from London to the EY Stockholm office, having never been to Sweden before. Eloise jumped at the opportunity to relocate for three months in an equivalent department in another country.

What made you apply?

Change, even if it is for a short period of time, is always a good thing. Experiencing a new culture and learning the Swedish ways of living has been fun – and hey, Sweden is known for being a model of civilised economy, what could go wrong! The Financial Services department only opened here in July 2017, so the need for seniors was pretty high. I’m the only one from the UK here, however there are people from the US, Australia and GDS.

Did you have any preconceptions beforehand?

Sweden is known for being a little on the pricey side, which it is, but you adjust to spending the equivalent of £10- 12 on lunch surprisingly quickly! However I think I’ve grown used to it quicker than my bank account. Teams in Stockholm make an effort to sit and have lunch together every day in a café or restaurant. Lunch is big news here, so most places cater for these type of lunchtime routines and do a separate menu. It’s also earlier in the day than I’m used to; we are usually done and dusted by 12pm.

Tell us something about the Stockholm office that makes it unique.

In the office everyone is into their standing desks. I would estimate that at any one time at least half the office is standing and working. I can’t deny after trying it out for myself, I loved it.

Your most valuable takeaway?

Confidence – I arrived here not knowing anyone, having never visited Sweden and never lived in another country. Yet I came anyway having had a fantastic time, and would certainly do it all again!