Restoring faith in the banking industry

Rebecca Cunningham, UK

Read how Rebecca helped restore faith in the banking industry.

Poor culture and behaviour in banks played a major role in the 2008-2009 financial crisis, and in other scandals that have dented customer trust.

Accountability was unclear, so UK financial regulators introduced new rules in 2015, to make senior bank executives and others more accountable, and to help restore public confidence. When a leading UK bank turned to EY for support and advice on how best to comply with the new regulations, Rebecca worked as part of a team to help the bank to make the transition. 

"To have such a major impact, to see bankers get to grips with the new statutory framework and take responsibility for their behaviors, has been very rewarding."

Rebecca helped the bank’s senior management to understand the impact of the new rules, and identified where current processes needed to be strengthened. Her contribution was embraced as an important addition to the bank’s own work to improve its culture, and its reputation with its regulators and customers.


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