A look back at EACN 2017

Brigita Pabriezaite, UK

Hello beautiful people,

My name is Brigita and I am based in the Edinburgh office working with our Financial Services IT Risk Assurance team and I am a new, well probably not so new anymore, grad as I joined with the August intake. Over the last seven months my peers and I had a lot of different exciting opportunities and learning events to attend, but the most recent one, EMEIA FSO Advisory Consultant Network Learning event, has been the most memorable so far!

The main goal of this event was for us to meet our peers working across 9 different EMEIA countries. It has been an invaluable and precious experience to network and get to know so many ambitious young people who are different in so many ways and yet share same values and goals, which has allowed us to work together as one strong team.

The event kicked-off with a welcome plenary session where Fabio Gasperini (EMEIA FSO Advisory, Banking and Capital Markets Leaders) and David Williams (EMEIA FSO Advisory, Consultant Network Sponsor Partner) gave warm and inspiring welcome speeches sharing their experiences and encouraging us to be open not only to new relationships but also ideas and innovations.

To put this into practice we were split into teams of 5-6 people coming from different countries and service lines in order to work together on a case study, which addressed some of the most relevant issues in today’s financial services world. The case study involved a bank based in Netherlands which was struggling with issues ranging from cybersecurity to making sure its elderly clients were satisfied with bank’s services. We also had to address millennial generation’s needs which required us to come up with innovative solutions and ideas.

The case study enabled us to collaborate and work together towards common goal, which brought us closer within our teams. It gave us the opportunity to learn and challenge one another and as a consequence, we came up with great solutions to address the problems at hand and hopefully we will be able to apply that knowledge and thinking when dealing with our clients.

After a day of hard work and brainstorming, we had an opportunity to enjoy a true Italian feast with traditional dishes from all over Italy. While enjoying the food we were serenaded by Italian singers who played well known Italian songs and as you might have guessed it – it doesn’t do it justice to just sit and listen, so many of us jumped on our feet and started dancing and singing together. We had an opportunity to network and meet people in the classrooms, but you only make good friends over music as it’s an international language that brings people together and that was the theme of the night as after enjoying the feast we all moved to the dance floor to show-off our movies.

The next day, which was our last day, we all focused on delivering and presenting our solutions to the wider team and our facilitators. We received very positive feedback addressing our great ability to team and also bright, out of the box ideas addressing relevant issues.

The atmosphere during this two day event was absolutely incredible as everyone was enthusiastic and keen to meet new people, get to know each other, share experiences and work together. In the closing plenary session Xavier Freynet (EMEIA FSO Advisory, Managing Partner) was encouraging us to make sure the connections we have made last, but I believe we all felt that will come naturally as we were so sad to say our good-byes to the new friends we made. 


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