A global playing ground

Ioana Bour, Netherlands

Senior Consultant, Performance Improvement, EMEIA Financial Services

Ioana was drawn to EY's global playing ground and reputation within the industry. We sat down with her to reflect on her first year working in Performance Improvement.

Tell us more about your background before joining EY. 
Before joining EY, I worked as a technical consultant in the Netherlands. I was involved in innovative projects related to mobile payments, with a focus on debit/credit cards and issuing banks.

What skills have you brought into your new role? 
I joined the EY EMEIA Financial Services Performance Improvement team last year. I believe it’s a good match with my previous experience, as I came in with knowledge of the industry and a deep understanding of the regulatory trends that banks must comply with. I also have a good understanding of the payments ecosystem (external and bank internal) and have driven the delivery of projects that were supported by an agile way of working.

Tell us more about what you do on a day-to-day basis.  
In my daily role, I help clients to roll out projects and to find ways to improve their structures internally. I also write proposals for potential clients and provide various presentations on new and interesting topics such as robotics and PSD2 (which is the regulation that is likely to change the way we interact with our banks in Europe). 

What drew you to EY as an employer? 
I wanted a bigger playing ground. EY is very global, there is a lot of knowledge transfer and is present in almost all countries – which is a great asset for the organization and for those working here. In an instant, you can find out what other developments are taking place in your area of interest. I believe that EY will allow me to reach my full potential and build my expertise even further.

What's been your impression of EY so far?
I was very impressed with the knowledge that exists in the organisation. I’m not talking only about the knowledge itself, but also about the almost institutionalised way of sharing it. With our internal information search platform, you can find similar proposals, presentations and deliverables for your topic of interest, and you can get in contact with anyone globally. This helps the business going forward. We will be able to further build on the building blocks that our colleagues worked on and we will not reinvent the wheel every time. I really like the fact that I can just get in contact with someone in Australia or Germany or even India, and I can learn from their experiences and provide quality content to my clients.

What advice do you have for any new joiners? What do you wish you had known before joining EY?

My advice for a new joiner is don’t feel overwhelmed by the amount of information you will receive. Try to find your way with the help of your counsellor, mentor or peers. Don’t panic. The information and your teams are always there for you and you will never be alone. In regards to wishing to have known something before I started … do your research and make sure you understand that this is a huge organisation and that your role may look tiny at first, but you are making an impact. I believe it’s up to each of us to make the best out of our role, connect and get to know others that share the same interests and actively follow a passion that makes it worth going to work every morning.