Our purpose in Financial Services

Adriel Kow, Singapore

FSO’s purpose is to restore trust in the finance industry. Having a sector focus propels us to think not just about what we offer clients, but the impact we have on their business and the broader community.

  • Our advice around digital disruption impacts the customer experience with financial businesses
  • We help secure banking systems against the threat of cyber security, protecting individuals and global economies
  • Knowledge of the asset management,  insurance  and public sector industry impacts people’s retirement outcomes
  • Global network allows us to learn from industry trends on a global scale, preparing our clients before they happen

It’s our common purpose to make a positive impact on the financial services industry which unites our teams to work together to grow our business. Currently FSO APAC operates across 8 countries and 18 cities with expansion plans across South East Asia.

How does your day to day work, team and service line build a better working world?

A focus on excellence in service quality for my day to day job, a mix of diverse skills and backgrounds in my team, and a clear strategy and focus on developing talent in my service line has helped to build a better working world for my colleagues and our clients.

How has being in a growing team helped your career progression?

Being in a growing team has given me opportunities and responsibilities beyond my role to capitalize on. Delivering above my expected role and tasks, and the resulting experience and skills developed, has been recognized by the Senior Managers and Partners.

How does your work help build trust and confidence in the capital markets?

My work consists of understanding my client’s business, the banking and capital, wealth asset management industry, and bringing in subject matter advice from industry know-how to solve issues. An intimate understanding of the industry and our client’s business allows our clients to place their trust in my ability to add value to their business.

Talk about what you do on a day to day basis.

My day to day role in Financial Services Advisory involves discussions with clients, working in teams to deliver and deliver the next milestone of our project. Critical thinking, analysis, and communicating complex ideas into simple, easy to understand ideas messages forms the backbone of what I do on a daily basis.