Work-life balance at EY

Anne Buser, Switzerland

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

Supporting my clients evolved over time. Traditionally, I was contacted by the client with respect to a specific tax question, the support in fulfilling tax obligations like preparing the tax return or the analysis of a planned business restructuring or acquisition.
Today my daily work includes in addition requests with respect to new challenges like tax transparency which have a tax angle, but are not pure tax work. Accordingly, not only the tax and finance department is affected, but their entire value chain and organisation.
At the moment my projects include besides traditional tax consulting also assistance in the implementation of newly issued OECD principles or FATCA/Automatic Exchange of Information. I help to identify the key drivers to define the focus of the tax department and discuss strategy, governance, and risk management from a tax perspective.

How has EY played a role in your long-term career goals? 

EY gave me the grid and the flexibility to develop and grow over the years in different roles and with the focus on different aspects of our work.
The grid EY provided helped me to see what the next steps on my career path should be and my counsellors helped me to understand how to take these steps and provided me with the necessary backing to become bold enough to take the steps.
The flexibility EY provided and the backing of the counsellors helped me to define my own career path including today’s job. I work today, as a mother of two children, part time and can align the needs of my business and private life. Being a working mum at EY makes me happier, makes me therefore a better mum and also an engaged employee of EY.

Since joining us, what has been your biggest achievement to date? 

I re-joined EY Switzerland only shortly ago after living three years with my family in Melbourne, Australia.
Within the short time back I already established important contacts within the EY network from all service lines in Switzerland and around the world. I also already could establish an active relationship with a client I worked for before I was in Australia resulting in various different collaborations.

How are you building a better working world at EY?

I aspire every day to give my best and lead younger employees by example. For me that includes that I respond as fast as possible, I take my time for the discussion of work as well as personal matters with younger colleagues and I always address and follow up any potential possibilities to improve our collaboration within EY or with the client.
In addition, I am proud that EY supports building a better working world also in the wider context of our social responsibility.

What do you enjoy most about working in Financial Services? 

I enjoy the vibrant environment which is in constant change and ensures that I will never only have repetitive work, but always new face challenges as well. I enjoy the chance to learn every day. I love to work with all different kind of people (colleagues as well as from the client) with different backgrounds and find together an approach or solution that provides additional value to the clients business. Considering all that, I am confident that even after working for Financial Services with EY for many years, I still find new challenges and never get bored. 

What advice would you give to anyone applying to EY?

Applying to EY will be the beginning of an interesting journey. Inform yourself on the variety of services we provide and how your start could look like. Maybe you even know someone that works with EY and can get you some insights on our daily tasks and challenges.
After joining EY enjoy the ride, stay curious and keep an open mind. Build relationships from the very first day because in our business knowing people provides you with lots of insights and opportunities to develop your very own dream career path.


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