Paul van der Waaij

Paul van der Waaij, Advisory

Paul is an Advisory Partner, he leads the IT Advisory & Technology Transformation team and his passion is to help companies within the Financial Services in navigating the digital world and innovating their business proposition. However him and his team go beyond helping their clients to maximize their revenues.

An example of this is Data4Food. This is a program in which Paul and his team work with their client, one of the major Dutch banks, to improve their service proposition. The goal of this project is to create innovative services in a customer centric manner to help their clients, in this case, farmers, in ways beyond the traditional banking offerings.

The IT Advisory & Technology Transformation regularly uses the Agile way of working and in the last six months, they completed six sprints for the Data4Food program. During these they collected both external data and data from the bank, developed a proof of concept, and tested the prototype of their product with a number of farmers. Together with the bank, they co-created an app that gathers meteorological and satellite information, as well as insights regarding previously grown crops and the state of the soil. With this information, farmers can better understand the conditions under which they are working and optimize their crop growth and productivity. With the Data4Food program, Paul and his team contribute in creating a better world in three different ways. Firstly, they help our client in offering more customer centric services and improving the relationship with their clients. Secondly, they have a positive impact in the lives of the served farmers and their broader community. And finally, they are setting the standards for other clients to leverage their data and developing innovative products to serve their clients.

However, the Data4Food program doesn’t end here. Based on the prototype of the app and the outcome of the customer validation, the IT Advisory & Technology Transformation team brainstormed new ways of improving the bank’s relationship with their clients in the Food and Agriculture domain. Now, they are working on refining the ideas and determining which minimal viable product (MVP) to push forward. And in the new year, they are expecting to set up a partnership with the bank and launch one of these products every quarter.