Jelmer Fool

Jelmer Fool, Assurance

Let’s meet Jelmer Fool: He's a valuable EY colleague, who is working at the Assurance Financial Services team in The Netherlands. He joined EY when he still was studying at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. After finishing his internship, where he already experienced a couple of interesting projects, he became Staff member at his team. Was it a big choice to make, to join the EY team? No, not really. Based on opinions of some close friends and his own experience during his internship, he knew that he wanted to be part of EY.

Common to a lot of Assurance colleagues, he is studying for a day week of and aims (in order to complete the theoretical part) for his Register Accountant degree (Certified Public Accountant). In Jelmer’s opinion it is a great opportunity to combine your daily work with the theoretical part. For the practical part of this study, each six months (for a period of three years) there is an assignment to be handed-in, that is based on the work delivered the months before. Hopefully only half a year left before Jelmer is passing his final oral exam, where he will defend all the work he did previously.

A bit less common to EY colleagues is the Aspire Programme. Aspire is a new approach to leadership development for Senior Staff members within EY. It consists of a selected group of experienced Seniors, on the cusp of leadership roles and it is a mixture of all markets, services, industries within EMEIA Financial Services. The programme is focusing on the development of next generation leaders. What makes you a good leader? That is a topic that Jelmer is finding out himself at the moment. Throughout frequent meetings with the Aspire group, questions are asked like ‘where do you want be?’, ‘how do others see you?’ or ‘how are you using your knowledge to grow within this company?’. This 1,5 years programme is helping you with the journey within EY.

Jelmer’s EY journey? He really is looking forward to spend some time abroad, preferably in United States or Australia. How to will this dream comes true? Each Aspire member is aligned to a partner within the business. This person is providing advices, but is also able to set up interesting meetings to broaden the network. This network helps Jelmer and other Aspire members to reach their goals. Another part of Jelmer’s dream is taking care of the human aspect of his daily work. He is strongly involved with the search for talent for the Financial Services team. In addition, he is also contributing to several recruitment activities where he hosts presentations and shares his experience within his job and within EY in general. And last, but not least, he finds it really important that during a recruitment interview the candidate is able to ask questions about his daily work, his vision on the future of work and that he can share some of his experiences.  


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