Helen Schedeler

Helen Schedeler, Advisory, Cybersecurity

Since she was a young girl, Helen has held a great passion for classical ballet. Around the same age she started ballet, she fantasized about working as a cashier. Mainly because of the till with all the buttons. Now she’s turning into an expert in cybersecurity with possibly even more buttons to push.

“If you are passionate about a topic and have your area of expertise, at EY you can practically create your own job. As long as you push yourself forward and you know what you like to do and what interests you, you can create your own mini-company of sorts.”, Helen says when I ask about her experience at EY. From her first months at the firm, she highlights getting to grips with (and understanding) its complexity and size. Now, after three and a half years, she is becoming the go-to person in certain topics for her colleagues.

With her background away from cybersecurity, as she studied Culture, Organization and Management, her path within the sector hasn’t always been straightforward. However, she keeps sticking her head out there and working hard day by day, and that’s what got her to where she is now. “I was always interested in IT, and what I like is that there are also many non-technical sides to cybersecurity. We must not forgot that IT has a major impact on people. I am fascinated by how people cope with and adapt to situations that they don’t like or in which they don’t know what is going to happen. That is an area within cybersecurity in which I believe there is a lot to gain” She looks at projects from a more psychological and more human-centered point of view, she asks questions that her colleagues would most probably not ask, leading to more creative and better solutions for the team and the client. That is why, at EY, we embrace diversity.


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