Anam Malik

Anam Malik, Assurance, Technology Risk

Anam is very hard-working and confident in herself, but she is also a sweet and caring person. Her strong-mindedness, attitude to always deliver quality and her willingness to push herself out of her comfort zone brought her to where she is now.

She has been with EY for over a year now. Initially, Anam was hired as an intern, after which she joined the Technology Risk department as an advisor. In the beginning it was quite challenging: ‘‘I started off in a sector (IT-Auditing) I had never heard off until a year ago. On top of that, I did not have an IT background. But learning on the job and the help of my colleagues helped me to get where I am now. However, the learning never stops, because every client is different.’’ This is also one of the aspects she values about EY, the persistence and aspiration of her colleagues to not only fulfill client needs, but also to help the team improve quality and grow. She appreciates EY’s focus on D&I (Diversity and Inclusiveness). One moment she remembers clearly is the Iftar (breaking the fast at sunset) organized by EY, which the department Partner also attended: “This was a very valuable and captivating experience for me, because I saw how people were not only respectful but also very interested in other cultures.”

As a professional, Anam genuinely values all the learning opportunities she receives during client projects. She feels supported through the various learning and development opportunities she’s given. Being able to acquire her Masters in IT auditing while simultaneously working within Technology Risk is a great way of understanding how theory works in practice.

Compared to who she was when she came in, Anam has grown into a more confident person who is more motivated to jump into the forefront. This is also something that did not go unnoticed by the people around her. In the future, Anam will keep challenging herself to get better, learn more and help others.


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