Inclusivity in action

Robbina Qureshi, UK

Robbina Qureshi is co-chair of EY's Muslim Network. She has a passion for inclusion and her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed. We sat down with her to learn more about the Muslim Network and their achievements to date.

Tell us more about yourself and your journey to EY.

I consider myself to be a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-none, but this is exactly what has made me who I am today. I grew up in France, Pakistan, Norway and England, and I went to seven schools and three colleges. As a result, I learnt many languages and now understand many cultures. I have the ability to adapt, learn and apply myself in unique and different situations.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a doctor and Superman. But growing up, I changed my mind as I realized that I loved technology. I then decided to do a Computer Science degree at Brunel University (in London) and worked with two big system integrators before joining EY. I was actually surprised to receive a call from EY in regards to an opportunity within the IT Advisory team (now known as the Advisory Technology), as I didn’t know that EY was working in this sector. I was intrigued and decided to explore. So, here I am today, a part of a growing Data and Analytics team. In my role, I harness data and by investigating it, I find stories to tell my clients on how to solve a problem or advance their business objectives.

Tell us about your role as the co-chair of the network.

I am very proud to be the co-chair of the EY Muslim Network. I work with a very strong and talented team, with the aim to raise awareness about the faith through education, interfaith communication, developing members, and supporting and encouraging graduates so that they can be here at EY just like you and I, and be successful.

What does the network mean to you?

It is very close to my heart as it has helped me improve myself through learning and by being close to others who practice the same faith.

How has EY supported your network?

We have 27 Diversity and Inclusiveness (D&I) networks at EY, including the interfaith working group. How all the networks are supported and encouraged is exemplary in achieving diversity and inclusion.

The initiatives that the EY Muslim Network works on symbolize what EY represents. EY is working towards raising awareness and the recognition of diversity by educating our people through networks on the diversity of its people and their faith; providing members to develop themselves and to connect with other members across the organization, and to also engage with clients.

What have you achieved in your role as co-chair?

As a co-chair of the EY Muslim Network, I can and I have engaged with my clients in conversations on the importance of how having a diverse and inclusive team, with different life experiences, opinions and values, is the key to building a successful organization. I do this by inviting our clients to our network events.

Can you tell us about the culture at EY?

We were recently listed in the World’s Best Workplaces 2017 and also the Best Employer for Race 2017. We have also published a report on the demand for flexible working, demonstrating our commitment to people within and outside of EY. We support and celebrate entrepreneurs through the Entrepreneur of the Year program, not just nationally but globally. All of this cannot be achieved without hard work, dedication and the consciousness of doing good for our people and the wider community. This is EY’s culture. But, for me it is little more than that. It is only by recognizing and appreciating the differences that we can really harness and achieve any kind of parity. And so, I am very proud to be working for an organization where I can be just me.