Konrad's story

Konrad Doroba, Poland

Konrad Doroba is Senior Manager working in Polish FSO team. He joined EY 3 years ago to assist the team in replacing a Management Information System (MIS) for a Polish bank. Konrad’s skills in financial controlling, gained from several years working for various financial institutions, assisted in the success of the team’s work for the client. Konrad also spent over a decade working in banking and insurance sector, leading teams in finance, risk and sales support. His experience allows him to understand client’s challenges very well as he used to struggle with similar issues himself in past roles.

Gaining experience in various areas

Konrad’s ability to support our clients in various functions of both in insurance and banking sector results from the experience he gained from his16 years preceding to joining EY.

Konrad started his professional career when he was still studying on Warsaw School of Economics. He gained his first competencies working for reinsurance division of a company being part of Vienna Insurance Group (VIG). The two years he spent there allowed him to understand the basics of risk management in insurance business before he decided to move forward.

As Konrad’s interest were both in insurance and banking, during next 10 years he worked for banks being part for GE Capital Group and Portuguese BCP Millennium, building mortgage business during unprecedented mortgage market growth in Poland. He also worked for Nationale Nederlanden (former ING Life Insurance) developing sales-finance function. The units he managed were on the edge of controlling and sales support allowing him to gain both financial knowledge (Konrad is ACCA graduate) as well sound understanding of business related issues.

During these years Konrad tried to use every opportunity to be involved in new initiatives and gain valuable experience. This approach also made him accept an offer to run mortgage Collection & Recovery unit in Kredyt Bank (part of Belgian KBC Group). His knowledge of mortgage business combined with good understanding of process related issues allowed him to convert recovery unit presenting traditional, administrative approach into effective operating center. When Kredyt Bank was acquired by Polish subsidiary of Santander Group, Konrad lead Recovery stream in PMI (Post Merger Integration) process and spent one and a half years aligning local Collection & Recovery practices with standards of Santander. After the PMI was successfully completed Konrad decided to try using his experience in consulting business and moved to EY.

Start at EY - challenges from very beginning

Konrad joined PI Finance team (currently FSO PL), responsible for delivering of MIS project. The team was undergoing reshaping due to challenges faced on the project. The project aim was to replace a Management Information System in the largest Polish bank. The task of replacing data warehouse together with redesigning of enhanced profitability calculation turned out to be even more demanding than initially expected. EY was working in consortium with external IT company which added even more complexity to the project. During almost 3 years Konrad’s team was able to deliver agreed products and meet client’s expectations.

Moving swiftly into Robotics

Despite the MIS project is not over yet, EY’s part of work is almost complete and the external IT company is implementing the solutions created by the team. Such situation allowed Konrad and the team that worked on a MIS project to use their competencies on other challenging assignments. Their skills related to data analytics and good understanding of banking processes turned out to be valuable assets for clients who decided to implement RPA (Robotic Process Automation). RPA is quite new concept for financial sector in Poland but it is rapidly gaining new interest amongst major banks and insurers. Konrad’s experience with managing operations/recovery unit allows him to spot and understand automation potential in client’s processes. The team’s skills in data management allowed them to build quickly competencies in leading automation technologies (e.g. Blue Prism). The combination of skills and experience was easily recognized by clients and Polish Robotics team, winning a RPA project outperforming strong competition by the other ‘Big 4’ companies. Moreover there are few more RPA initiatives in the pipeline and it seems that Konrad and the team managed to take advantage of their skill set and move swiftly into quickly growing RPA market.


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