Life at EY Italy

Francesca Amatimaggio, Italy

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

On a daily basis I get involved in several tasks. My day is split by 60% of my time serving our clients on projects, 20% supporting the creation of new EY solutions and tools, 5 % on EMEIA IFRS campaign, 5% on local recruiting and 10% attending meetings with new or existing clients to hearing their needs and preparing new ad-hoc offerings. Therefore I never get inactive and every day is different and with new challenges. 

How has EY played a role in your long-term career goals? 

EY has given me the opportunity to experience the meaning of EMEIA FSO as a working place with no borders, no language or cultural barriers, no distance limits. I have been working in many countries across the world and for 8 years in the UK. I am now back to my home country, in Italy, and I continue working with the same and new people across EY Global and EMEIA. This is a key driver which motivates myself to continue working for this firm. As a woman I see that the firm is increasing its attention to ensure female employees will have access to the same career path than the male colleagues. This is another driver which works as an incentive for myself. The diversity of people and experiences at EY has played a big role in my long-term career plans.   

Since joining us, what has been your biggest achievement to date?

My biggest achievement within the firm has been building an absolutely incredible network across the firm. I usually know who to ask for specific topics, who to share my ideas with, who to support and to be supported by. It is not easy in such a big firm to have few contacts in each region, country, team and service line. 

How are you building a better working world at EY?

I try to share my knowledge with all my teams and colleagues who work with me. I am always available for sharing information and helping other people. My knowhow should be their knowhow to improve the linkages within the firm. Very often I fly to other countries to support local workshops and clients meetings in order to show our great EMEA FSO connections and knowledge sharing.

What do you enjoy most about working in Financial Services? 

I like the changing environment of Financial Services. It is a mirror of our society and the world’s development. It has been few years that Financial Services are the core of many debates, political discussions and financial turmoil. Being in the centre of those conversations makes me feel useful and up to speed on many topics.     

What advice would you give to anyone applying to EY?

To new joiners I always say that working at EY is itself a great experience. Everyone is employer of him/herself deciding the career path in which they fit the most. The opportunity to get into a global network as soon as you join is not common to other firms.


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