Transformative careers in the transformative age

Mark Sullivan, Ireland

What does it mean to work in today's transformative age? We sat down with Mark Sullivan from our Dublin office to get to know more about his journey at EY and his transformative career.


Tell us about your career with EY so far.

I joined the Dublin office in May 2016 as a member of the Cyber team. After finishing my masters in E-commerce I spent a few months travelling in South America with friends. When I came back I knew I wanted to pursue a career in something I found interesting. I had studied security modules in college, which turned into general interest in my spare time. I felt that consulting was the right avenue for my skills – and, lucky for me, the team here in Dublin felt the same way and hired me.


You’re part of our new EMEIA FSO CYBER Centre team, which launched last year. What do you like about working in cyber?

It’s a really interesting space to work in because of the pace of change in both cyber security and the rest of the digital world. There’s a lot of innovation going on as a result, and I’ve really seen that pace in action. In the short time I’ve been here we’ve opened up a new state-of-the-art lab and rolled out new methodologies which are being used globally. Now we’re a part of EMEIA FSO CYBER Centre, which will generate interesting work and more collaboration with other teams across Europe.


Your team is working on some market-leading projects at the moment – can you tell us about one you worked on recently?

We are doing some exciting work around cyber incident simulations, designed to educate senior executives on how cyber attacks can affect their business, by allowing them to experience a simulated cyber crisis in a safe environment. We recently ran a simulation for an international banking client here in Dublin, where over the course of a morning we simulated a three-day cyber security incident where a financially-motivated gang of hackers try to extort money from the client.

It was a great learning experience and a lot of fun adding creative details that made the scenario believable. I got to see how our client’s senior management team reacted to the escalating attacks, and in particular the thought processes behind all their decisions.


What’s next for your team?

We launched the EMEIA FSO CYBER Centre last year and we are integrating more and more each week so I’m looking forward to how that progresses. EMEIA FSO CYBER Centre brings together our teams in Ireland and Spain, delivering scale and expertise to help win and deliver bigger, more complex engagements, and to come up with the next generation of solutions that our clients will need to meet the cyber challenges of the future. Like I said before, the pace of change and innovation is accelerating all the time, so I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next.