Life at EY Gibraltar

Angelique Linares, Gibraltar

Audit Partner Angelique shares her work at EY and life working in our Gibraltar office.

Tell us about the work you do at EY.

Well I wear many hats here at EY! We are a small office so that’s enabled me to work across a number of different areas. At the moment I do human resources, recruitment, appraisals, audit quality, business development and a bit of finance. They seem like very different areas at first but I’ve actually found the strands to be very linked.  Ultimately, I need to ensure that we have the right people on our team delivering exceptional service to our clients.

What’s it like working in Gibraltar?

Well Gibraltar is obviously in the Mediterranean so we are a bit Latin in the way that we do things. We’re loud, we’re family orientated but at the same time we also see a lot of trends from the UK - we try to get the best out of both countries so it’s a very diverse place! With a small economy of about 30,000 people, we import a lot of talent and that results in very diverse teams which I love.

What makes EY Gibraltar a great place to work?

Where do I start! The opportunities available within the EY network are endless. I think that the main pull for anyone would be the ability to begin their career in Gibraltar but potentially end up working anywhere in the world at any point in time. Our team here work together so well which makes this a great place to work as well as you really feel the family spirit.

What’s your advice for anyone starting their career in financial services?

Have the right attitude and think of your career as a long-term investment. It may be tough in the beginning but the opportunities are endless once you’ve passed the first few hurdles.

And lastly, what are you passionate about outside of work?

Well I have two kids and I’m a single mom so that keeps me quite busy! Travelling is also a big passion of mine. This is the reason I think flexibility is so important in the workplace. My team has always been very supportive of me, if I have to leave an hour early to be with my kids they don’t see an issue with this. I’m really grateful that EY provides the flexibility that allows women and men to be able to achieve that balance in their lives and to be able to perform.


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