Leading the future talent of EY Germany

Ralf Temporale, Germany's Talent leader for EMEIA Financial Services, sat down with us to talk about his career journey to date.

Tell us more about yourself and your current role at EY.

I live in Munich and I enjoy playing tennis in summer and skiing in winter during my downtime. At EY, I currently lead a competency which is called Strategic Customer and Operations within Financial Services Advisory. We primarily deal with all issues located within the CEO, COO, and client-related areas. We deal with topics around growth, optimization, and protection. I also act as the client service partner for two major banks. In addition I serve as a member of the German Financial Services Leadership team managing Talent. In this role I am responsible for the 1,400 people in Financial Services in Germany.


How would you describe the world of Financial Services right now?

The world of Financial Services has never been more exciting than it is right now. Financial Services is a disrupted industry which is trying to reinvent itself.

What motivated you to become our Financial Services Talent Leader in Germany?

I've always loved working with the people here at EY. As an organization, we are going through a period of significant change. We see change in the market, but we also see change internally. The whole profession is changing and I think we are on a journey which I'm very excited to be a part of. I like that I have the opportunity to shape our future. Our human capital is our most valuable asset and this is the most important thing we have to help us succeed. Being Talent Partner and being responsible for managing EY people is a very interesting job.

I really enjoy the teams I get to work with and working alongside our Financial Services Managing Partner in Germany. Together we have very insightful discussions and get to work closely with EY people, receiving feedback and ideas to help make Financial Services in Germany better.

What’s the most exciting thing happening at EY?

What I find exciting is that we are opening our horizons, from both a digital perspective and a talent perspective. We are widening our focus to look at new capabilities and skills. These new profiles will lead us to a cultural change and it’s exciting to see new types of skills and talent come through the organisation as we adapt to the disruptive new world of work.

What makes you get out of bed and come to work in the morning?

Well, I'm more likely to be working late in the evening than early in the morning. What keeps me going is the variety of tasks and opportunities that I get to be a part of every day. It’s about the mixture of my interesting client work and my internal roles.

What’s the one piece of advice you’ll never forget?

Don’t ask for allowance, ask for forgiveness.

What three qualities would make you hire someone instantly?

Three qualities that would make me hire someone instantly would be: a passion to perform; a willingness to learn on a continuous basis; and interesting capabilities from a methodological perspective.

Tell us a surprising fact about you.

I love to take pictures, usually street photography and I am very active in different photo communities.

What tips would you give to someone starting out in Financial Services?

Stay curious. Stay focused. Be patient.

When you are 80 years old, what one story would you tell your grand-children about working at EY?

It was a wonderful journey across a variety of topics and clients, it was a lifelong learning experience, it was sometimes stressful and often fun, and it was definitely worth it.