Maximilian's story

Maximilian Taut, Germany

If you’re ambitious and looking for a highly flexible career in financial services, EY will provide you with global opportunities to tailor your own career while meeting personal preferences – don’t miss out!

Growing up, I was fortunate enough to work and live in six different countries on two continents. Whether it was in Germany, the UK, the United States or Luxembourg, my goals always evolved around broadening my international horizon, getting to know different cultures and traditions, as well as building a large-scale international network. Setting new challenges every time I moved became a routine in my life.

After graduating from high school, I continued my international path by studying International Relations for my Bachelor’s degree and receiving a Double Master’s degree in Management &  Global Business. Throughout that time, I crossed paths with EY on multiple occasions: at career fairs, at university events and in the classroom. I was impressed by what EY had to offer at an international level and felt a close connection toward the company. It was then that I decided that I would like to be part of EY’s culture, with high-status work and clients.

I got the first opportunity in September 2013, when I started working as an intern for six-and-a-half months for EY in Luxembourg. My first project was the year-end audit of a subsidiary of a large German bank, where I was able to grow quickly within my tasks throughout the challenges provided by the client and the project. It was then that Ernst & Young announced its Vision 2020 and rebranded itself as EY. I was able to identify with EY’s vision and values, and knew that, henceforth, I wanted to create my own EY legacy by building a better working world.

After graduating this summer, I joined EY Germany in Munich in October 2015. I am now part of the Financial Services Risk team, advising our clients mainly on regulatory issues. Since then, I have experienced a wide range of projects, tasks and challenges, including an AML project at a major German bank and a change management project at a German automobile bank. In addition to these different projects, I was able to receive a variety of training and am excited to continue my learning progress from day to day.

But now, I am thrilled to be attending the upcoming EAGN  learning event. Not only am I looking forward to benefiting from EY’s international knowledge and expertise, I am also excited to meet similar-minded people from all over Africa, Asia and Europe, with whom I will share an exceptional journey. Throughout the event, I will mainly focus on networking with my international colleagues to benefit from EY’s global reach and breadth of opportunities. And hopefully, I will not only have a great time in Rome, but also forge long-lasting relationships with my colleagues of today and tomorrow on major global projects as part of one Financial Services Organization .