My journey to Advisory at EY Paris

Martina Spriano, France

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I began my career with a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of Turin,and after that, I decided to work toward my goals which were to work for an international company. I then applied for ESCP Europe Business School, I was successful and enrolled for the program. It took me around Europe (Germany, Italy, France and Luxembourg), which allowed me to work on a variety of projects and internships. It led me to choose a career in a global company such as EY.

Why EY?

I chose EY because I wanted to join an international company which would offer me different ways of working across different markets. To me, EY was the best choice for the career path that I wanted to pursue.

What do you like most about your role?

The relationships you have with your clients and your team are fundamental to develop your consulting skills as well as performing in the most effective and efficient way. I believe that EY helps me do this. Another element of my job that I really appreciate is the way we work and learn at the same time. For example, on my first client role; there were regulations that I wasn’t sure about on the client side which I had to learn while helping them with their projects. It was really challenging, but it also kept me working and learning throughout the whole account. Throughout your time at EY, the flexibility enables us to have control over our time, which is something I really value in my role.

How does your team influence your work?

Your team definitely has an impact in your role. Your team members can motivate you when you need that extra support. A team is good when it creates trust and open conversations. Together, we can reach our goals. People need to be open to getting involved and to do something to make a difference. A good team is a motivated team. If a team is not motivated, it is really difficult to move forward as a productive group. And I feel that the teams I have worked with at EY are good teams. We understand each other and get along well, which has enabled us to be efficient anytime of the day.

How would you describe the people at EY? How have they contributed to your experience so far?

The people I have met at EY, especially those who I have worked or am working with, they have influenced me in many different ways — I learnt a lot from my team especially my managers — their techniques, communication methods and their ways of working. You are able to learn from all colleagues, more about EY, how EY works, EY’s processes and procedures, and what the culture is really like at EY. Whenever I ask a question, I always get an answer. It’s really nice because people are always willing to help you and that makes you feel very welcome and comfortable.

Tell us more about the training programs at EY.

I had the chance to attend many trainings at EY. I went to the Rome graduate event earlier this year, which was a great event. There was a great mix of people, which was fun; but we also learnt a lot and were able to share knowledge with people from all over the world brought together by EY. We were working on interesting topics, simulating real life scenarios to get some sense of pragmatism in our daily jobs. We were learning in a playful and informative way. It gives you more of an opportunity to meet people that you may work with virtually and never get a chance to meet in person.

As a multi-lingual Italian working in Paris, tell us more about the culture at EY.

The language barrier hasn’t been as hard as what I expected it to be. Of course, working in Paris means I am working mainly in French; however, communicating efficiently was never an issue. The flexibility at EY has helped me to develop my knowledge of the language and I have been able to learn a lot. Also, the people culture has helped me feel comfortable to ask questions and ask for help when typing in another language. My manager would insist that I wrote the emails to our clients as he always said: “You won’t improve if you don’t keep practicing,” which is very true as because of this I have been able to improve and learn a lot more.