From Russia to Paris

Victoria Kreminskaya, France

What do you love about working at EY?

What I particularly like about my role is working with our clients. I get the chance to work with multidisciplinary teams at EY. With our diverse teams we share different experiences about each job from different angles. These experiences allow me to grow professionally and personally. It also gives me the opportunity to select certain jobs, allowing me to focus on what I am passionate about.  We belong to a very diverse team; with different backgrounds, from different countries. We all adapt easily to each other, which is a real enrichment. This adaptability enables us to engage quickly with our clients. We adapt to different environments situations and teams and we are able to evolve in a fast-paced environment.

Since we belong to the insurance team, we regularly attend training sessions. We have access to some development training called “retours d ’experiences” (feedback on experiences). I really appreciate it as we get to know what everyone has been doing.

How have you adapted to life in France?

With a Russian background, I have not felt the pressure to learn French. Most people have been pleasant, supportive and made me feel welcome. They have even suggested to choose what language to speak, which has had a positive impact in terms of efficiency in my role. At the beginning I have been regularly switching between English and French throughout my projects, and my team has made me feel comfortable. The barrier of the language has never been an issue.

What are your impressions of the EY brand?

My friends and family know what EY is. They all know the brand. People perceive that it is an important company with a strong global presence. In terms of recognition from our clients, we are always recognized as experts delivering quality in everything we do. They consider EY consultants as technical professionals, with competencies in management as we join very big teams onsite. We operate as leaders and coaches and managing local teams. We explain to them how to do things and the clients give us this opportunity, on the basis of trust and reputation, which is pleasant in a working environment. Our clients are also aware that we can deploy our experts in each country, where they have some subsidiaries, which is reassuring for them as they already know how we work. It also enables us to gain some projects based in other countries. This solid reputation of a global EY with one mindset helps us develop projects on the basis of trust.

Why would someone want to join your team?

What is most important for our Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS) Insurance team is to communicate to potential talent who would want to join us and to emphasize how diverse our team is. We cultivate diversity and inclusion: people who have worked in different teams, with different backgrounds and people like me with different experiences, as it enables us to learn from each other. It is very motivating and interesting to belong to such a structure.