The road to EACN16

Neila Benzair, France

Hi all, my name is Neila, and I am happy to share with you my experience as a Financial Services Associate with EY in our Paris office. I joined EY Advisory less than a year ago after completing my studies at Neoma Business School in Reims, France. As an apprentice for a leading French bank, I had the opportunity to discover the challenges and issues faced by organizations in the financial services sector. It was because of this that I really wanted to carry on working in this industry.

As a new graduate, I expected a lot from my first job. I wanted to work in an international environment, as well as learn and be challenged every day. Working in EY’s EMEIA  Financial Services has exceeded all of my expectations, and I now work for a global organization with a very diverse culture. EY EMEIA Financial Services is very dynamic and there are lots of events organized to allow associates such as myself to collaborate and share best practice with colleagues across the Region.

I can hardly believe that I’ve already been with EY for a year – time is flying by!

In the Advisory service line, we work every day to provide our clients with the best-quality service in order to help them transform their businesses successfully, thus solving their challenges. The projects I’ve worked on have been very diverse and interesting. As an associate, I have worked for three different clients, and it has been a pleasure working with colleagues across all levels and areas of the business. I’m constantly learning, and I can see myself growing every day, thanks to my supportive team.

It is such an opportunity to begin my career at EY! Every day our teams work to transform the industry and test the limits of what can be done. As an Associate, I've worked with a fantastic team and have had plenty of opportunities to develop and build my professional legacy. This is a legacy that I will continue to grow and build throughout my career.

I am delighted to be attending our upcoming EMEIA FSO Advisory Graduate Network (EAGN) learning event in Rome. It will be my first cross-border event at EY and I hope to learn new skills and meet new colleagues from across EMEIA.


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