An astute Assurance Manager

As an Assurance Manager EY's Stockholm office Elin always strives to deliver quality to to her clients. Learn about why she loves working at EY.

Elin Bengtsson | Manager | Assurance | EMEIA Financial Services

Elin Bengtsson is a Manager within the FSO Assurance team in our Stockholm office. We follow Elin on her journey to where she is now at EY.

Elin's EY road to success

Why did you choose EY?

One of the reasons why I chose EY is that I get to work with global companies in various industries which allows me to further develop my skills. I also feel that EY recognizes good effort and allows for advancement within the company.

What do you like most about your role?

My role comes with a lot of responsibility, both towards our clients and my team. This requires flexibility, which is also an important component of life at EY that I like. You'll get the opportunity to work with several different service lines that contributes to new sets of skills.

How does your team influence your work?

We always work as a team and the results we produce is the outcome of teamwork. Without great team spirit the outcome and results would decrease.

How would you describe the people at EY? How have they contributed to your experience so far?

I would describe the people at EY as very inspiring and fun to work with. The people are all engaged in their work, which contributes to the excellent service we deliver to our clients. We are a group of people with similar interests, striving for the same goal in ‘delivering quality to our clients’. A few of the people I started with at EY have become my very good friends. I believe it’s the people at EY that makes it a great place to work!

Tell us more about the training programs at EY.

During the initial years at EY everyone had the opportunity to participate in the training programs which usually take place abroad and allow for great team building opportunities. Employees get to network with colleagues from other countries, which provides a great opportunity to establish contacts around the world for the future.

Tell us more about the culture at EY.

We have a defined hierarchical pyramid structure at EY with different ranks but everyone is accessible and always willing to help when they have the time to do so. We also have a lot of social events where I get the opportunity to socialize with my colleagues, which contributes to great team spirit. This is what I love about working at EY.

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