A tax expert

Cathrine began her professional career in Audit but learned that her real passion was in tax. Read more about her career move and what she likes most about her role at EY.

Cathrine R Jensen | Senior Tax Consultant | EMEIA Financial Services

Cathrine is an FSO Senior Tax Consultant  based in the Copenhagen office. As a tax expert we follow Catherine on her journey to where she is now at EY.

Cathrine's EY road to success

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I’m 28 years old and and currently reside in Copenhagen having graduated in 2017 from the Copenhagen Business School with an MSc in Business and Auditing I began my professional career in Audit but due to my growing interest in tax law during my studies I eventually changed my career path, pursing a role in Tax. I’ve been working in FSO Tax as a Senior Consultant for a just over a year now and I’m enjoying it a lot.

Why did you choose EY?

The fact that EY has an integrated and dedicated Financial Services Organization appealed to me a lot. It gives me the opportunity to work across service lines with dedicated colleagues specialized in the financial sector. EY is a truly global company and you definitely feel it in your everyday work life. Not only do you work with colleagues from all over the world, but EY invests a lot in its employees. This includes. the arrangement of a number of events that incur throughout the year. A recent was the annual FSO Nordic Learning day, where we met our FSO Tax colleagues from Norway, Sweden and Finland. We also had our Winter conference this year in Åre, Sweden where all FSO service lines in the Nordic countries were invited. This means that I’m not only a part of FSO Tax and FSO in Denmark, but a part of something bigger.

What do you like most about your role?

I enjoy the amazing learning opportunities, the interactions with our diverse client base and being given the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility so early in my career.

How does your team influence your work?

My team are highly skilled and always go the extra mile to be helpful. They inspire me daily and we strive to collaborate as a high-performing team. We are of course also a focused and concentrated but there is also room for some laughs and jokes in between.

How would you describe the people at EY? How have they contributed to your experience so far?

The people at EY are not only highly skilled and ambitious, but they are also fun and extremely caring individuals and contribute to my professional learning.

Tell us more about the culture at EY.

EY is a very professional and international environment with a very informal culture, e.g. there is a feeling of ‘togetherness’ and one can always reach out to a colleague to discuss work related matters, no matter if it is a junior or a senior partner. EY invests a lot in diversity and inclusiveness and this also creates a very good working environment, giving me the opportunity to grow and develop my skills.

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