Life at a global firm

Andy Koesnadi, Indonesia

How has working in EY help to expand your understanding of the different cultures globally?

EY as part of global firm has provided me an opportunity to be able to work with other offices across the region. The opportunity is available through cross boarder assignment or mobility program. It is definitely helps me to understand cultural variability across different regions as well developing a global mind-set.


What are some of the things you have learnt after your international project with EY overseas?

Working in an international project provides us with a good learning experience. By working beyond our own perspective and culture, has motivated me to learn about different cultures and build culture awareness, improve communication skill and confidence, and learn different approaches and methodology used by each office during projects.


Have you worked in a team project with people of different nationalities before? What was the experience like?

Yes, working together with a group of people with different backgrounds and cultures provide us with an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise as well as building culture awareness. When the team is able to collaborate and work together in order to achieve the same goal and objective, it becomes a good and valuable experience.


Are there any benefits to be bilingual at EY?

In non-native English speaking countries, it is recommended to have a bilingual report. Particularly for state-own companies where they primarily use local language, it helps the clients have better understanding on our message and deliverables.


What are your future aspirations regarding the global business and opportunities?

Global businesses and opportunities will increase in the future with support from technology connectivity. The number of companies operating internationally is growing constantly. More companies will be open for foreign investors and there are more new investment destinations to be discovered.


How does technology help build your global mindset?

Technological connectivity has enabled us to work easily across the country. Nowadays, meetings and discussions are no longer needed to be in person. It can be easily arranged through teleconference or video-conference. Exchange knowledge and information can be easily accessed through web-learning. Technology helps us to connect with people and information around the world.


Have you learnt about new cultures or ways of working as a result of being with EY?

During my time in EY, I have been involved in cross boarder projects with several countries within the ASEAN – such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. During the projects, I learnt how culture affects the way people do business, behavior, communication and different way of doing work. It also affects the kinds of transactions they make and the way they negotiate them.



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