30 ways to be inclusive

Phase two of the I'm In campaign is all about taking action. Leading and acting inclusively is something we can all learn if we're open to #TryOneThing every day. It can be as simple as smiling and saying “Hello, how are you?” to those that you meet; leading with questions and actively listening to the responses; or inviting the quieter people in your team to share their thoughts. We all need to develop our inclusiveness muscle, we're all learning! 


Challenge yourself to one of your inclusive challenges below and make our working world more inclusive.

  1. Have a coffee with someone you don’t know (well!).
  2. Smile and say hello to everyone you come across today.
  3. Before each email you send, take a moment to reflect on the impact it will have.
  4. Find out something new about someone you work with.
  5. Seek different perspectives in all your meetings today.
  6. Say hello and introduce yourself to someone you don’t know.
  7. Call out non-inclusive behaviours. Challenge assumptions and remarks made by others.
  8. Notice what your body language is saying.
  9. Put yourself in the shoes of a colleague. Ask the question, “What’s it like to be you?”
  10. Ask a team member – “are you ok?”
  11. Schedule meetings at inclusive times.
  12. Try asking the quieter people on your team for their opinion.
  13. Listen with your eyes, as well as your ears.
  14. Pause before giving advice and instead lead with questions.
  15. Sit somewhere else in the office and introduce yourself to the people around you.
  16. Actively listen in all your conversations and remove any distractions.
  17. Be curious and ask open questions.
  18. Offer your help to a new joiner.
  19. Invite a junior colleague to a client meeting.
  20. Sponsor an individual, whose career journey is different from your own.
  21. Mentor someone with a fresh perspective.
  22. Say thank you today by writing a physical thank you card to the members of your team.
  23. Encourage your colleagues to send an email or physical thank you cards to people they appreciate.
  24. Start your meetings by telling how you appreciate working with the people in the room.
  25. Celebrate an achievement with the people you work with.
  26. Be inclusive of different faith requirements when organizing a social event or meeting.
  27. Give timely and constructive feedback to accelerate a colleague’s development.
  28. Continue to encourage your team members.
  29. Initiate a conversation with your client about Diversity & Inclusion.
  30. Make sure that everyone in your meetings has a chance to have a say.