Our Financial Services Assurance practice is built around our core audit delivery, but also encompasses a wide range of assurance services across our different sectors. You will gain a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and their financial accounts, drawing on your experience to provide options and recommendations to management and the board. We mirror our clients’ global operations, so be prepared to travel and explore business in new places. 

What we do

External Audit

As an auditor at EY, you will provide independent verification of our client's compliance with accounting principles. By doing so, you play a role in helping businesses accurately reflect their financial picture - an essential function as we work to rebuild trust in financial markets.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services

Companies today face complex challenges as they deal with the requirements of international accounting standards and changing corporate structures. You will help companies address a wide variety of these challenges.

Extended Assurance

Provide ongoing assurance to regulators, management and directors on the governance and controls around processes that do not impact the financial statements.