Changing the world of work

How are we changing the world of work? Watch our video on how EY is bringing together business and technology to make a difference to people’s lives.

Growth and potential

Future focused

At EY we’re not afraid of change. In fact, it’s what drives our services forward. Right now, we’re building a workplace that’s smarter, more inclusive, more dynamic and more flexible. We’re also helping EY clients adjust to the new working world and help deliver inclusive economic growth. The drive for innovation is as strong for us as it is for EY clients. So we need people with minds made for Financial Services and are focused on the future. If that sounds like you then join us and help us build a better working world.

A major financial services hub

As a global organization of more than 250,000, EY is well placed to support Financial Services clients around the world. The UK has a major financial hub influencing beyond its borders. We have 4,200 talented individuals in the UK who work solely for Financial Services clients. Many are based in our London offices overlooking the City of London - a place for innovation in banking, insurance and wealth and asset management. We also know the important roles that regional cities play in UK Financial Services, which is why we are investing and growing our bases in all UK locations.

Who do we work with?

In EY Financial Services, we're passionate about looking beyond the money to how it counts. We attract people ready to dedicate their minds to making one of the world's most exciting, fast-moving industries work better for everyone. Whether you're helping clients secure global money systems or advance sustainable economic growth, at EY you'll be shaping the real world for a better future. Some of the clients we work with are just starting out in Financial Services, others are financial institutions with a heritage longer than that of EY. In every case, we encourage EY people to get to grips with the issues and turn them around so we can support economic growth.

Transforming investment banking

From payment apps for your smartphone to the financial systems that support businesses, FinTech underpins many of our daily transactions. It’s worth £6.6bn a year to the UK and growing quickly. The UK FinTech industry has evolved from a vibrant local sector to a well-rounded FinTech ecosystem. And by supporting innovative and dynamic businesses, it is enabling far-reaching benefits that touch our personal and professional lives. The insights we gather enable us to provide a fact base and set of recommendations to the heart of government and financial services bodies, shaping attitudes, understanding and policy. No other industry touches more people or shapes so many futures.

Fostering innovation at EY Financial Services

From pioneering drones for our audit clients to building world-class innovation centres, see why we’re not just an accountancy firm and how we’re putting technology at the heart of everything we do, for our clients and our people.

Explore a world where differences matter


Diverse abilities help us build a better working world. Ability EY is an inclusive network that strives to help the firm become more disability confident.

Women in technology

Until recently, statistics have shown a distinct lack of women in technology roles in the UK. For example, did you know that only one in four computing jobs are held by women and that drops to one in twenty when you get up to leadership positions? At EY we are committed to changing the trend and encouraging women from all different backgrounds into the field. Our Women in technology (WiT) team is a perfect example of how we do this. Its members are women who are keen to follow a disruptive path and are encouraged to do so by EY business leaders who are already influencing our digital world. 

Social mobility

At EY, we believe that your background shouldn’t define your future opportunities. We’re Champions of the Social Mobility Business Compact. For students, we’ve also partnered with Jobmi. They’ll monitor the socio-economic profile of people we’ve offered jobs too and also help those who are unsuccessful explore opportunities with other employers.

Diverse abilities

EY advises some of the world’s most important organizations on the most complex business matters. These clients recognize that the exceptional service they get is down to EY people. That’s why we look for people with minds made for Financial Services, regardless of your background or disability. If you have a disability/long term health condition and wish to discuss your application with us, please email us at and we’ll answer your questions.

Supporting career returners

EY Reconnect is our groundbreaking program to welcome back anyone who’s taken a career break. The talented individuals who return to EY bring with them new perspectives that benefit our services. The 12-week program is designed to be full time to give you the appropriate exposure, support and opportunities available. 90% of our past Reconnect participants who joined us permanently did so on a flexible working arrangement that suited them and their teams.

EY Reconnect

EY Reconnect is our groundbreaking program to welcome back anyone who’s taken a career break. See why past participants and business leaders say it can make all the difference when people return to EY.