If you’ve got a mind made for Financial Services then there’s no better time to join EY. Just like the markets, you’ll quickly discover that we never stand still. Our emphasis on innovation, growth and building a better working world is creating new opportunities in Financial Services all the time. Be a part of our future and you’ll enjoy a successful global career in Financial Services as part of a passionate team that is focused on the future.

Which route will you take?

Do you have the project mindset?

In a career characterised by choice and change, what do you need to be adaptable, productive and fulfilled?

Life as a contractor

Electra began her career as a contractor and never looked back. From becoming a credible data privacy expert to launching her own business, watch her video to find out more.

Reasons to explore your future with EY

People & Growth

We promote inclusive growth for everyone, across the UK and around the globe. Our Vision 2020 strategy drives growth and provides opportunities for our people. We invest in our people through continuous learning, coaching and development. Our vision is to create a working environment in which our people are engaged, and feel committed to, and motivated by, what they do.

Entrepreneurial mind-set

By encouraging an entrepreneurial mind-set, we drive innovation and change through our people and teams. Our EYX team work together to bring innovative ideas to all our clients and we run an EY Start-up challenge, engaging and developing some of the most innovative start-ups. We also collaborate with and rewarding successful entrepreneurs world-wide through the Entrepreneur of the year.


We have an inclusive environment where all people can thrive and be themselves. We have 40 partner champions who sponsor our diversity and inclusiveness initiatives, driving purposeful action across our region. In addition, 2,000 of our people have been trained in inclusive leadership to help eliminate unconscious bias in the workplace. In the UK, we are recognised through our accreditations including: Sunday Times Best 25 Big Companies, Times Top 50 Employer for Women, Top 10 Employer for Working Families, and Stonewall Star Performer.


Our flexible culture allows our people to manage their life, both personally and professionally. With our agile workplace and the technology that we provide to our people, 67% of our people are able to work flexibly with 40% adopting formal flexible working arrangements. A key reason why our people join or stay with us is because of the flexible working opportunities we provide. We also provide shared parental leave to our people.

A new career

FinTech expert and former CIO Ian, reveals how he's leveraging over 20 years of experience in his contracting career on a variety of projects.

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