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We advise our clients on sustainable business models with full consideration of, and contribution to, wider society and the environment

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Whenever people join us - and however they progress their career with us - we ensure their EY experience lasts a lifetime

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We are committed to fostering sustainable development in areas where we can have the greatest impact

We live in a world where the “new normal” is accelerated change and disruption. As an industry that has proved itself successful at delivering growth in an age of abundance, the FS industry is now faced with megatrends, such as a changing climate, finite natural resources, dwindling biodiversity, a digital revolution and an increasingly urbanized, connected and migrating population.

Making these megatrends relevant to our organization, we have a strong sense of obligation to be part of the conversation around sustainable development and how the Financial Services industry can play its part in the wider story. Through overseeing hundreds of trillions of dollars in financial assets and capital, the industry has the ability to shift economies onto a sustainable footing.

Additionally, evolving from the Millennium Development Goals, the 2015 publication of the Sustainable Development Goals has made significant strides in establishing the role of business in sustainable development. Since their launch, the industry has begun assessing the integral role of FS institutions in achieving these goals.

To know more about our commitment to our three stakeholder groups, please visit our FS Sustainability report here or view our executive summary

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