Transforming the future of banking

Putting our money where our minds are.

Banking is changing rapidly. Everything from the introduction of mobile money transfers to new, digital-only financial institutions are having a big impact on our banking habits. But for bigger, more traditional companies, how do they keep up with the latest technology? One word: Nexbank. This system allows us to create and test cutting-edge banking technology. It demonstrates the art of the possible to our clients. But what actually is it? Nexbank is a platform to show our clients new structures, products and abilities in the world of banking - a shared playground in which we get to build the latest and greatest technology. Quite simply, it helps clients to be braver and helps us to develop innovative solutions. 

How will it impact our clients?

Revolutionary interaction

We’re saying goodbye to PowerPoint presentations with theoretical pictures. NexBank allows our clients to experience and test real working software designed by EY teams.

Benefiting from the best in the business

The NexBank team is made up of experts, professionals and top tech thinkers from across the globe.

Giving them the keys

Clients can access the platform as easily as we can, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

“In each revolution, we create a brand-new way of trading and transacting. In this digital revolution, there’s a new way of thinking about how we’ll help create value, and what it’s going to look like longer term.”

Chris Skinner,
Financial Services author and speaker

Sound interesting?

At EY Financial Services we see the potential for change, but that’s not enough – we want to own that change. If you’re interested in creating game-changing solutions and being part of something genuinely innovative, then you should join us. Head over to our opportunities page to see what impact you could make.