Sonja Körner

The PhD graduate leading groundbreaking change with a crack team of coders.

1. World class

PhD in Physics, University of Technology in Vienna, Austria and an MSc in Mathematical Finance, Oxford University.

2. The first step

Begins work as a consultant for a global consulting firm.

“Given that my background is physics rather than the more traditional banking fields, moving into consultancy seemed like a good step – it’s definitely given me broader exposure across the industry.”

3. The benefits of balance

Getting the most from work and home.

“I’ve always had a healthy work-life balance at EY, otherwise I wouldn’t have stayed so long! There are important projects which you need to put the time into because, from a personal perspective, you want to see them through. But when it comes to having space to spend time with my family and my child, EY is very good with that.”

4. Welcome to the family

Joins EY in Zurich.

5. The big switch

Transfers to EY London to lead the way in designing risk implementation systems.

“I’m helping capital market communities and investment banks navigate risk in their everyday operations. We’re streamlining financial and business models to make our clients operations more efficient.”

6. Leading from the front

Co-leads EY’s specialist Quantitative Advisory services team.

“The Quantitative Advisory* services team isa group of physics, maths and quantitative research specialists. They are leading the way in financial and business modelling for our biggest clients. There’s so much going on for the entire industry and it’s really transformational – we’re at the forefront of groundbreaking change.”

7. Dream team

Builds an expert team of mathematicians, physicians and coders from scratch.

“I’m very proud of this. Building a technical team who are now well-established in the industry and attracting great talent. I’m also proud of the pace we’re all working. That’s what makes me get out of bed in the morning. The buzz. That and knowing that these people will help me to learn and grow as a person.”

8. Crystal anniversary

Celebrates 15 years at EY.

“For me, the key to reaching this level was to have an open mind. If you’re starting out in your career and you’re willing to learn, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.”

Quantiative Advisory Services: our Quantitative Advisory Services teams work with regulatory and risk modelling challenges in areas such as market risk, credit risk and operational risk.