Rami Al Naib

The masters graduate making a difference in a unique data analytics EY team.

Time at EY

Three months. “I’m part of the very first data analytics team employed here in EY Luxembourg. It’s super exciting, even if we’re still getting to grips with everything!”


Number of degrees

Ten-year plan

To become a partner – why not aim high? “I never know what I’m going to be doing in five years – it’s too short! But, I like to aim high. So, let’s say that in 10 years I’ll become a partner…”


Own project initiatives

Ideal superpower for work

The ability to read minds. “I would like to know what people think. I’d be able to understand different perspectives in an instant and get the best out of my team!”

Current project

Identifying the value of our client portfolios. “I help to establish the value of our client portfolios, then create standards for the portfolios so we can see the real value in line with the economy.”

Best thing about EY Financial Services

Flexibility. As long as I’m productive, I get to own my schedule. “I can come in at 9:30am and leave at 6:30pm, I could come in at 8am and leave at 5pm, whatever works for me. It’s based on trust. As long as I’m productive and performing well, then I control my schedule.”


Number of projects