Patrice Latinne

The data mastermind pushing the boundaries of analytics

1. All aboard

Starts his journey as a researcher in Machine Learning.

“Best advice I’ve ever received: FOCUS!”

2. On the up

Gains his PhD in Machine Learning and a Master of Science in Electro-Mechanics Engineering.

“I’ve been a data scientist for many years, both at university and for my job. I joined EY because I was convinced that their expertise in financial services and appetite for innovation would bring out the best in me.”

3. Leading the way

Joins EY as Executive Director for Data & Analytics.

“I wanted to lead the thinking in financial services on a global stage – I knew I’d have the chance to do that if I joined EY. The opportunities here are huge, whether it’s building a team from scratch, solving global issues or nurturing new graduate talent!”

4. Family man

Welcomes his third child.

“I am very passionate about what I do, but I’m also a proud father of three children and have a fantastic home life. EY have always been very flexible with my working hours, which means I get to see more of my family when it’s not busy.”

5. Leader, maker, creator

Builds and leads a data analytics team of 50 in Belgium.

“Building my team was a fantastic achievement for me, there’s a great sense of collaboration and we’re doing some fascinating work. We’ve recently won some really innovative projects, the first of their kind at EY, which I’m super excited about.”

6. Legendary status

Celebrates 18 years of experience in financial services.

“The key thing which helped me to get this far is time management. Making sure you have time to reflect on your work-life balance, as well as being able to organise what is important in life.”

* Data & Analytics: our Data & Analytics professionals work with the latest data modelling and statistics tools to help our clients solve global issues.