Kristina Riedel

The “half mathematician, half economist” working with our biggest global clients.

What's your role at EY?

“I work in the financial services team, specializing in Transactions Advisory Services*. We provide transactions support and build business models to value the loan portfolios of financial services institutions.”

What did you study at university?

“I started with economics and business studies, but after the first semester I decided it would be boring to do just those two. So, I included mathematics in my course – I’m half mathematician, half economist!”

What made you join EY Financial Services?

“I find the world of financial services fascinating, it’s like one big mathematical challenge. You are always using mathematics to solve different problems around the world; that’s what attracted me to it.”

What’s the most exciting thing happening at EY right now?

“The amount of expert insights we have on global issues – like Brexit or crypto currencies – I wouldn’t get these from a newspaper!”

How will technology affect the world of financial services?

“The future of payments. We’ve already seen how technology is allowing people to pay on their phone, or via an app to friends. There is huge potential for payment tech to change the way we live in the future.”

How do you strike a healthy work-life balance?

“If there are project deadlines then it can get tough, but if it’s not too busy EY let me work from home. If it’s really quiet, I can even have a few extra days off!”

What are the two most important skills for the world of work?

“Firstly, social skills. When you’re friendly, you get the best out of people, including your team. Secondly, curiosity – always ask questions, you can never learn too much.”

What makes you get out of bed every morning?

“My colleagues, they’re amazing and a lot of fun. But in terms of work, if I leave the office with a problem I haven’t solved, sometimes a solution will pop into my head overnight, then I’ll get in as fast as I can to see if it works!”

Do EY give you opportunities to progress?

“When I first started working, I wanted to do more projects in a certain area. When I asked, they immediately gave me the opportunity to do this. Which was fantastic. EY constantly invest in your learning and give you opportunities, you just have to ask.”

* Transaction Advisory Services: our Transaction Advisory Services teams help companies bring new products and innovations to market.