Job Hogewoning

The graduate engineer making his mark on national financial services.

When did you join EY?

“I started working for EY as a Financial Advisor in September 2017. But before that I did my internship here in September 2016 and a year before that I joined the EY Experience (a business course) in October 2015.”

What do you do at EY?

“I am a Financial Advisor for the Department of Financial Services Risk. We look at business models for our clients and understand the dynamics of their financial systems, especially for banks and insurance companies.”

What did you study?

“I’m an engineer at heart and studied Water Resource Management – which was part of the Civil Engineering department at the University of Technology in Delft.”

What made you join EY Financial Services?

“EY is about more than accountancy, I really saw an opportunity to bring together a world of engineering and a world of finance. That was the inspiration to go to EY – using my expertise to make a global impact.”

What’s the most exciting thing happening at EY right now?

“The level of innovation. We’re right at the forefront of new technologies from artificial intelligence to robotics.”

Do you have a recent work highlight?

“My supervisor and I advising the Dutch National Bank on issues around climate change.”

How does EY help you strike a healthy work-life balance?

“If there is a busy season, then the workload will increase. But when there is less work it can be easier to manage the balance. I have the option to work from home or even take some extra days off when I’m not needed in the office. “

What are the two most important skills for the world of work?

“Curiosity – different people in your company will be able to teach you great things, so never stop asking questions. And be social, talk to people, it’s more fun that way.”

What makes you get out of bed and come to work every morning?

“The thought of helping push the world forward, that’s why I became an engineer and that’s why I’m at EY. Seeing how new innovations, new technologies and new ideas can help our clients and our societies evolve, that’s something I find really inspiring.”

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