How to play well on any team

9 tips that will set you up for success

1. Have clear goals and roles

Too many projects suffer from a lack of direction and focus. Discuss these points upfront and make sure everyone’s on the same page.

2. Be a contributor (and help others contribute, too)

Practise your listening skills, have confidence and believe in what you have to share – give others that confidence too.

3. Be aware of different styles and preferences

People work differently all around the globe, especially in the world of financial services. How do your fellow team members do their best thinking? How do they prefer working? Your team will work better if you give everyone a chance to play to their strengths.

4. Email less, talk more

In the age of email and instant messaging, it’s easy to forget that we are working with real people. Amazing things can happen when we step away from our screens and speak to people – try it and see.

5. Learn to build rapport

Sharing anecdotes and personal stories, finding common ground and showing empathy for each other are excellent ways to help you build trust and understanding.

6. Be sensitive to cultural norms

Body language and decision-making processes can differ around the world and cause offence if not understood. If you’re going to be working with people from different cultures, do your research so you’re not taken by surprise.

7. Build your personal brand

Want to succeed in the new working world of financial services? You’ll need to make sure employers are aware of your skills and the benefits you can bring. This means building your personal brand – so make sure you’re presenting a consistent picture of yourself, in person and online.

8. It all comes back to relationships

No matter how awesome your personal brand is, one thing never changes – people prefer to work with people they know, like and trust. So deliver great work, treat people well and give them every reason to recruit you for their team next time around.

9. Try new methods, like virtual brainstorming

Why not try virtual brainstorming using focused, online forums? People often find it easier, and you may end up with some higher quality ideas.

Building strong relationships is key to delivering better outcomes, especially here at EY Financial Services. Whether we’re creating the world’s most advanced robotics or disrupting the workplace with next generation AI, we rely on co-operation and communication.

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