Evelien Brisard

The videographer changing the way insurance companies do business.

Time at EY

Four years.


“I applied to over 10 firms, but EY was my first interview. I had an immediate connection with the person interviewing me – it seemed like an environment where you could really be yourself.”


Number of projects

Biggest achievement outside of work

Organised last year’s town hall, a recreational event for EY Financial Services staff.


“To promote the event, the team made a video of each service line. Everybody was super enthusiastic about them and it turned into a big talking point!”


Biggest team made

If you could work at any EY office for a week

New York. I’ve been there once before – Times Square is really amazing!


“It’s an obvious choice I think, I’ve been there before and thought it was incredible. I have a lot of good memories there!”

Biggest project

Supporting a team of life actuaries within an insurance company.


“We’re supporting them with their day-to-day work. All of my former projects were project-based, such as developing business models, now I have the chance to work with a team on their everyday projects. It’s very exciting!”


Training days last year

Best thing about EY Financial Services

Being at the forefront of robotics in financial services.


“We’re working with groundbreaking new technologies at EY. For example, we deal with robotics and understand how it will support our industry before a lot of others can.”