What's it all about?

What is inclusiveness?

Our recent 'I'm in' campaign enhances the idea that EY employees are inclusive in their professional and personal lives. This campaign share’s our people’s testimonials and opinions on how they are or can be inclusive at EY and what being inclusive means to them. Inclusiveness is when we open our minds to perspectives which are different form our own and ensure that everyone can contribute to their best because they feel free to be themselves and are values.

Why does inclusive leadership matter?

Whilst several elements go into building the highest-performing teams, underlying them all is the ability to include diverse viewpoints into our mind-sets, behaviours and operations. We truly can maximise the power of our differences to achieve better business results. Teaming and leading inclusively implies a set of behaviours and actions individuals display when they open their minds to perspectives difference from their own and ensure that everyone on their teams and around them can contribute to their best.

How are our people being inclusive?

Benjamin is IN

Zaina is IN

Ayman is IN

Merle is IN

Rob is IN

Emma is IN

Anita is IN

Bharat is IN

Carrie is IN

Jake is IN

Lamyae is IN

Richard is IN

Mark is IN

Haseena is IN

Mark is IN

Amrajit is IN

Vanessa is IN

Samuel is IN

International Day Against Homphobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Gail Bishop

Jake Hobson

Melanie Heithausen

Terri Grant

Paul Blakey

Jill Alexander

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