Louise found the Reconnect programme 'a lot less intimidating' than expected.

Louise Boughen, UK

Known as a “boomerang” to the EY community, Louise Boughen returns to EY after nearly nine years through the Reconnect program and has found it “a lot less intimidating” than what she expected.

“I’m glad I came back to EY and didn’t return to another company because there was a familiarity there and I think that helped. For me, I’ve seen EY put into practice a lot of things that were ideas when I first started. It’s now fantastic to see all of that become a reality.”

The ability to be able to step back into the corporate environment after being out of it for so long was “a lot less intimidating” than what she thought, all thanks to the Reconnect programme. “My son had just finished his first year of school so I thought I’ve gotten my children to a stage where I think I can be a bit more comfortable about going back to work. When I was looking at opportunities this programme really appealed to me because it provided a more comfortable route to try out my options in regards to returning to work.”

Even though the familiarity of the company was a plus, Louise struggled to adapt to the work-life balance after being out of the corporate world for nearly nine years. “It’s all about teaching yourself again how to balance work and children. Working full time was originally a bit difficult at the start but EY have such a flexible work approach and they have supported me in finding that balance.”

Louise believes that the great part of the Reconnect programme was that there was a huge support network and you were “surrounded by people who understood what you were going through and they just got it”. This advantage allowed her to feel more comfortable to ask for help because “within our group, no question was a silly question and you never felt like an outsider.”

And now, being back into the routine of full-time work, Louise believes that she can see a future for her career. ”I feel that I will be able to have the flexibility to work along with how my life progresses. I can see that as my children grown I will also have the opportunity to grow my career. That balance will be great going forward.”

“Programmes like these are a bridge. There is a huge gap from where I was, say, a year ago to where I am now, and EY Reconnect provided that bridge that was necessary to get me from A to B.” Louise strongly believes that programmes like Reconnect are an essential way to guide those considering returning to work. “I needed something to give me the confidence to step back into the working world and to understand that I could have these 12 weeks to give it a go and test the waters while actually doing something that matters and meaningful with proper client work, not just following other people around.

“This helped me understand that it was the right thing to do without having to commit to something that was long term. It made me feel that for the 12 weeks I could just try and I can see the impact of it on my life and my family’s and then it made it much easier to make a decision that I could progress after the programme.”

Any advice to those who are thinking of returning to work? “Look for something like EY Reconnect. It’s a huge opportunity, don’t let it slip away. You will have support and people in the same boat and you can learn from each other. Look around, get involved and learn from others in the team, enjoy it and make the most of it.”

Louise has secured a full-time position with EY, we wish her the best of luck with her career and hope to see great things for her! Congratulations Louise!

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