Transaction Advisory

Transaction Advisory

Helping organizations of all sizes evaluate and navigate transactions, maximizing opportunities and minimizing risks.

Play a vital role as part of a team of specialists, working with people from varied disciplines to help large clients manage and execute high-profile transactions.

You’ll bring your analytical skills and real-world experience to diverse situations and unique problems. By appreciating your clients’ overall objectives and understanding how transactions can influence an organization’s success, you’ll assess and navigate risks, always balancing these against potential rewards.

You can work in one of five Transaction Advisory areas:

Business Modelling

Use your technical skills and industry insights to create effective business models, helping clients to evaluate transactions or gauge new market opportunities.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Help our clients plan their capital investment opportunities and achieve their strategic objectives.

Operational Transaction Services

Find ways to make transactions happen smoothly and efficiently, without compromising standards or taking uncalculated risks for sellers or acquirers.

Transaction Support

Lead our clients through complex, risky transactions, taking them from the start of negotiations to a successful outcome.


Create open, robust valuations as part of corporate transactions, providing the objective advice that our clients will rely on.

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