Providing peace of mind and confidence to companies, investors and regulators about financial statements, information and processes.

A career in Financial Services Assurance here is varied and stimulating. You will work across three industry sectors as part of international teams. You will gain a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses and their financial accounts, providing solutions and recommendations to management and the board. We mirror our clients’ global operations, so be prepared to travel and explore business in new places.

The profile of assurance has risen in recent years, and with your experience, you’ll be ready to play a vital role, providing companies, investors and regulators with confidence in financial statements, critical information and processes.

You can work in one of three Assurance areas:

External Audit

Work closely with leading businesses on complex issues, delivering key services such as internal control reviews.

Financial Accounting Advisory Services (FAAS)

Beyond providing technical accounting advice, stretch your accounting knowledge and client management skills.

Extended Assurance

Provide ongoing assurance to regulators, management and directors on the governance and controls around processes that do not impact the financial statements.  

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