Life at EY France

Frédéric Pierchon, France

What work do you get involved in on a day to day basis?

As an FSO senior manager, I coordinate the global audit of one of the top 5 reinsurers in the world headquartered in France. This is what we call at EY a Global 360 account which is the name we give to our priority largest clients due to their size or industry and the fact that they operate globally. My work consists in managing the client relationship, coordinate EY teams, including specialists, across the world and making sure we provide the best services to the client.

How has EY played a role in your long-term career goals? 

Since the beginning, my experience at EY has been a way to learn a lot about business: the insurance and reinsurance sector and the way large and international companies are organized for example. I have been put quickly in situations where I had to interact with companies’ key executives and present our conclusions to them. I could also gain international experiences through my exchange program in our New York office and frequent travels in the US, UK, Ireland, etc. In a nutshell, EY has been a way to accelerate my career path.

Since joining us, what has been your biggest achievement to date? 

To achieve to win on the market, building teams is key. This is something I could do and am proud of. I have built a strong team around me from staff to manager to support me in my work and especially during the most intense periods. It takes a lot of efforts but seeing your teams achieve their own goals and progress with you is very rewarding.

How are you building a better working world at EY?

I contribute to increase confidence and trust with our clients by developing fair and clear relations with them. I try to identify and develop talents in all their forms, for example I have worked actively to develop our senior training program and have always tried to attract diverse people in my teams.

What do you enjoy most about working in Financial Services? 

What I like is that finance and accounting are at the heart of this industry which is where we deliver most of our services. This is why in financial services, EY is usually a key business partner to companies and their executives.

What advice would you give to anyone applying to EY?

Be yourself and show how your talents can contribute to the development of a global services firm like ours.

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