Interview tips

What can you expect from an interview? How can you best prepare to make a good impression? What should you ask of us? We hope these tips will help you to answer these questions and be at your best for an interview.

There are, of course, the obvious things that you should do for any job interview.

• You should dress smartly and be “ready for business.”

• You should have a copy of your CV and any recent correspondence between us to hand.

• You should be on time.

In addition to these things that apply to any interview, there are three maxims that we think you may find helpful:

Be prepared

At this stage in your career, you need to prepare for a challenging interview. You will need to be able to articulate your strengths, describe your experience succinctly and to your best advantage, and tell us your career goals. There is no harm in practising beforehand, although anything that sounds over-rehearsed or scripted is unlikely to come across well.

Be proactive

Prepare a list of questions that you can ask your interviewer or interviewers, but keep it short and to the point. In your preparation, you will have thoroughly researched our organization and the specific business unit in which you want to work. You should have specific and intelligent questions that relate directly to the position for which you are applying.

Be yourself

We have an approachable and honest culture. We want and expect to see the real you at interview. That’s what interviews are for, and you wouldn’t want to get a job where you had to pretend to be someone you are not. For our part, we will answer your questions frankly and openly.


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